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With the world becoming a smaller and a better place to live in, there are somethings that don’t fail to surprise us. Some traditions and explanations to certain rules and their implications do not match up to the day. However, here is a list of some places in the world, where girls are not allowed to visit.

1.  Ayyappan Temple, Sabarimala

This is a temple in the state of Kerala in India.  A holy place for practitioners of Hinduism, the Ayyappan Temple at Sabrimala has prohibited the entry of females from age group of 6-60. Basically, any woman who menstruates, is barred from going on the pilgrimage.

2. Burning Tree Club, Bethesda

This golf course was built as a place for relaxation for politics in the U.S. Every president and Supreme Court Justice has honorary membership here, yet no woman is allowed to enter is, despite of high designations. The first time a woman entered this golf club is in 1981, when Sandra Day O’Cornor became the first female Supreme Court Justice.

3.  Voting Booths in Saudi Arabia and Vatican City

Voters cast ballots in municipal elections in Saudi Arabia. In 2011, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote and run in municipal elections – but not until 2015.


Women have very limited rights in Saudi Arabia. In fact, women are not even allowed to drive and do not have the liberty to step out of the house with out a male family member escorting them. Voting booths in this country has never seen a woman as women are not allowed to vote. As far as the Vatican City goes, only men under the age of 80 are allowed to be cardinals. This cancels the need for women to vote at all.

4.  Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Most mosques do not allow women to enter where the holy shrine is situated. Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai India had previously allowed the entry of women, however in the year 2012, a fatwa was released and women are no longer allowed to enter the inner sanctum of the dargah.

5.  Tour De France

Tour De France is a cycling competition held annually in France. Not only are women not allowed to participate in this sport, but there is no other provision made for women to compete at all. The only women’s competition was stopped in the year 2009.

6.  Soccer Stadiums, Iran

This is a picture of the Azadi Soccer Stadium in Iran. Azafi translates to “Freedom”, yet ironically, women are not allowed to enter the stadium at all.

7.  Mount Omine- Japan

Mount Omine is one of the largest mountains in Japan and is home to Buddhist monasteries that are over 1300 years years old. However, women are not allowed to go beyond a further point for religious reasons.

8.  Mount Athos- Greece

Mount Athos is located at the coast of Greece. Several monks practice at this destination in ancient and traditional monasteries. The monks here practice celibacy and interaction with women is said to make it tougher for them, hence not permitting women to visit the island.

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