A Delhi girl’s from face to breast even also to under portion of Skirt recorded by her Ola driver Some month ago

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NEW DELHI:  I am going to narrate something that happened with me in an OLA cab.

This is a caution advice to all females and an eye-opener for OLA.

It was 12:43 PM and I was travelling to Chanakyapuri in an OLA cab. My driver’s name was ABHILASH SINGH a PURE JAAT MAN, CRN NO-299860428.

As the cab moved on for the destination, I went about checking my emails and answering some important work related phone calls. However, I sensed something extremely strange about the cab driver. His body posture was defensive and he would constantly look at me in the rear view mirror. Not knowing whether to trust my gut feeling. I discounted it as my brain telling me to be cautious.

Moments later, my attention was pulled towards a phone which was placed at an angle on his. At that time He is capturing Whole video From BREAST to My Skirt UNDER portion also and I was Shocked.

When you book a cab, you are mostly expecting a smooth and comfortable ride unless, of course, your cab driver turns out to be recording your each and every move on his phone’s camera. Outrageous and unacceptable, isn’t it? This is exactly what happened with this Delhi girl Priyanka, who was travelling in an Ola cab and caught her driver filming her on his phone.

Priyanka narrated the incident and complained to Ola on their  Facebook page, highlighting the need for security measures these cab aggregators must take.

She was travelling in broad daylight, while checking her phone and attending to official calls when she noticed the driver constantly looking at her in the rear-view mirror. The girl then noticed a phone in his hand that was placed in a way to that it record the happenings in the cab. She then asked him to stop the car and checked his phone. What she saw was shocking.

“There it was, a video of me, all of me. My every gesture, movement, each word uttered was recorded on his phone. Never in my life did I ever feel this violated,” she wrote.

Ola, on the other hand, has apologised for the “bad experience” and has terminated the driver, they said in response to Priyanka’s complaint. “Hi Priyanka, we believe our Safety team had contacted you to update the actions taken. The driver partner has been terminated from our platform to ensure such experience by any of our customers is avoided,” replied Ola, after the social media outrage on how could the company representative just say “sorry” for something so terrible.

In fact, as the post went viral on Facebook, hundreds of people started sharing their problems and experiences in the same thread and Ola’s quite occupied trying to reply to each one of them.


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